August 08, 2012


 I love bats. In early fall I sit outside just when it starts getting dark and watch them hunt for food. They need to gain enough weight to make it thru a cold winter. I think that bats are wonderful creatures.
This one is for a friend who is having a baby boy very soon.

I love the old fashioned tv from the "Boob Tubes" set. Is this card too "naked"?! I don´t know...I´ve been adding things and playing around with it for a while, but decided that I like it the simple way it is :)
How cute are all the apples from "Falling For You"?! This is such a versatile set.

 Sometimes I make crazy cards. This one is for my parents who just bought a new place and are furnishing and designing it like crazy. The way I used the paper is supposed to look like samples of wallpaper, designs, fabrics and colors, get it.
They also went every week to measure things at their new home, so the washi tape I used is just perfect.
The cutest monster ever! Perfect for kids cards or Halloween and even love themed cards.

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